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Weekly Wrap-Up, May 01, 2015

Elementary school students using iPads (photo taken by Brad Flickinger via Flickr).Elementary school students using iPads (photo taken by Brad Flickinger via Flickr).

As part of the White House’s ConnectED initiative, this week President Obama announced (1) the ConnectED Library Challenge, a program to ensure every student has a library card, and (2) a coalition of libraries, nonprofits, and publishers that will work together to bring $250 million worth of free e-books to students at low-income schools across the country.

People often talk about the importance of technology in K-12 education, but writing for Philly, Marcus McCarthy discusses the importance of educational technology and digital literacy  in adult education.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) iPad program endured much criticism during its rollout. Chicago Inno’s Karis Hustad explains what Chicago can learn from LAUSD before investing in educational technology.

On PBS, Hari Sreenivasan tells the stories of New Yorkers trying to find affordable solutions to get online and how the de Blasio Administration’s efforts might help.

And finally, writing for Wired, Brian Barrett takes a look at 2015, the year, he says, with decisions on the Comcast-Time Warner Merger and net neutrality, we saved the Internet. Will we continue to do so?

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