About Us

1 in 4

U.S. households are without Internet access, according to the Census Bureau.

The Problem

Technology has transformed the way we do business, receive healthcare, and communicate with our loved ones, yet close to 1 in 5 Americans do not use the Internet. Disproportionately from low-income and minority communities, these populations remain isolated from our digital society.

Who We Are

EveryoneOn is a national nonprofit working to eliminate the digital divide by making high-speed, low-cost Internet service and computers, and free digital literacy courses accessible to all unconnected Americans. We aim to leverage the democratizing power of the Internet to provide opportunity to all Americans – regardless of age, race, geography, income, or education level.

Bringing Affordable Internet & Devices Into the Home

Through partnerships with local Internet service providers, EveryoneOn is able to offer free or $9.95 home Internet service in 48 states and the District of Columbia. We work with device refurbishers, so individuals and their families can purchase discounted devices, including $150 tablets and $199 laptops.

Free Basic Digital Literacy Training

We collaborate with libraries and nonprofits to advertise free computer & Internet courses at over 8,000 training sites across the country. By calling 1-855-EVRY1ON or visiting everyoneon.org, users can discover the closest class in their communities.

Access The Internet

Access Opportunity

Whether it's finding a job, learning new skills or helping students with their homework, everyone should benefit from Internet connectivity.

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Find internet for your home as low as $10 a month

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Discover free courses to help you learn how to use the computer

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Purchase low-cost computers or tablets