Get Connected!

Get Connected

Find a low-cost Internet service, affordable computers, laptops, and tablets, and free computer training classes near your area.

Computer and Internet Offers

Through partnerships with Internet service providers, Get Connected! and EveryoneOn are able to offer high-speed Internet at home for $9.95 a month. Refurbished computers, laptops, and tablets are also offered for as low as $150.

The Opportunity

Get Connected! and EveryoneOn are working to eliminate the Digital Divide by making affordable Internet, low-cost computers, and free digital literacy courses available to all unconnected residents.

They’ve been working on [the computer] ever since and they’ve been getting better at it each day. I am already noticing improvements when I check their work.

Latanya Williams
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About CETF

Get Connected! is a project of the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF). Their mission is to provide you with the education and tools necessary to help you feel comfortable subscribing to and using the Internet for work and play! For more information about CETF, visit