Connecting DC

Connecting Households in Our Nation's Capital

Approximately 150,000 (1 in 4) DC residents do not have broadband Internet access at home. We know that people who don’t have access to the Internet, primarily because they can’t afford it, are at a great disadvantage in an increasingly digital age.

“The economic health of our communities depends on having a technologically skilled workforce. Students and workers who lack basic technology skills risk being left behind in the digital economy. What is more, the widespread application of technology in people’s daily lives can save taxpayers money,” said Rob Mancini, District Chief Technology Officer.

In an effort to address this gap, EveryoneOn has teamed up with Connect.DC in a pledge to connect one thousand District of Columbia households to broadband Internet by September 2015. To get the ball rolling, we’re aiming to raise the funds to provide 300 residents with a wireless router and 3 mos Internet service by October, 2014- and you can help us get there!

“This partnership will allow more District residents to take full advantage of high-speed Internet access to pursue individual learning, find work, access government services, connect with their neighbors and community leaders, and participate in other activities that will improve the quality of life for themselves and their communities

Read more about Connect.DC and EveryoneOn’s partnership pledge.

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