Help Digi-Bridge Connect The Corridor

Help Connect 50 West Charlotte Families for 6 months!

A recent study of families with children attending schools in the West Charlotte corridor highlighted that nearly 20% of households were without Internet. Many respondents cited an inability to afford the monthly cost associated with service as a reason why they were disconnected. What is now declared a basic human right by The United Nations, Internet must be made available to all residents in our great city. Digi-Bridge has partnered with EveryoneOn and Mobile Beacon to provide low-cost Internet options and to raise funds to get our families connected. Join us as we “Connect The Corridor.” Every $60 raised will provide a family with a modem, six months of free high-speed Internet service, customer service support and access to the World Wide Web. You don’t need to pay for an entire connection for a local family in need. Every little bit helps!

“This will save many trips to the library. This will also provide my child with homework help.”– Lolita S., Parent, Ashley Park School

Digi-Bridge aims to equip educational institutions with the necessary resources and support to teach 21st century learners the fundamentals of technology and beyond. In identifying the needs of the organization and then recommending the best fitting strategy, hardware, software and course of action, Digi-Bridge is uniquely positioned to successfully integrate today’s technology into the learning environment.  Learn more at