Connecting Boston

Help Connect Boston Residents!

Imagine a mom, struggling to make ends meet, working tirelessly to provide for her children. By participating in Tech Goes Home with her child, she receives the knowledge and skills to use the Internet well. She knows how to help her children stay safe online, to use the access to learn and play. However, due to her fiscal constraints, she is unable to manage the ongoing cost of home access.

You can make a difference in the lives of this family and countless others like it. With Internet access, the children will be able to engage in research, schoolwork, collaboration, exploration, and entertainment. Mom will be able search for jobs, take online courses, learn English, bank online, better budget her meager income, communicate with her child’s school, and find resources to support her family.

TGH teaches participants how to get online and then how technology and access can improve their quality of life. While over 90% of survey respondents subscribe to Internet access in their homes one year after completing the TGH program, cost is a significant barrier to the final 10%. That’s where you can come in- to help solve the final hurdle – the cost of access.

TGH is coordinating a citywide campaign to connect an additional 10,000 Boston residents to the Internet by the fall of 2014. Partnering with the City of Boston, libraries, community-based organizations, schools, health care centers, and faith-based organizations to disseminate critical information and help all of Boston’s citizens access online resources.

100% of the money raised will go towards purchasing routers and Internet service for TGH program graduates. Check out this video outlining TGH: Impact and Results.

What impact will you have?
$10 gives 1 family a month of unlimited Internet
$39 gives 1 family a mobile hotspot
$69 gives 1 family a mobile hotspot and 3 months of unlimited Internet
$159 gives 1 family a mobile hotspot and a year of unlimited Internet
$477 gives 3 families mobile hotspots and a year of unlimited Internet

*Tech Goes Home (TGH), founded in 2000, is a national award-winning initiative that has provided under-served residents the opportunity, tools, education, and access required for 21st century skills development. TGH serves the US’s most vulnerable populations, including children/youth, adults, seniors, non English-speakers, and people with disabilities, all of whom are predominantly low-income and from challenged neighborhoods. TGH is focused on tackling the entrenched barriers to technology adoption and Internet access in Boston and across the country. Since 2010, more than 12,500 participants have completed TGH.