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ISP Minimum Specifications

Internet Service Providers and service plans must meet the minimum requirements:

  • Technology: Cable or wireless (must be 4G LTE)
  • Speeds: 5mbps down/1up
  • Data allotment: (wireless --minimum 3GB/month; throttled speeds acceptable) (wired --minimum 100GB/month; throttled speeds acceptable)
  • Data cost: $10-$20/month maximum; no overages for exceeded data
  • Equipment cost: $50 modem maximum; one-time fee, no monthly leasing options
  • Data analysis: ISP will report anonymized subscription data (monthly)
  • Term: Month-to-month service, no contract
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Speed and Data







Sale Landing Pages

Customer Support & Return/Refund Policies

Tracking Enrollments

EveryoneOn asks all ISP partners to share the following anonymized data on a monthly basis:

  • # of “landings” to offer page from EveryoneOn URL
  • # of applications submitted (from those that checked off “EveryoneOn”)
  • # of adoptions (from those that checked off “EveryoneOn”)

Can your company provide this information on a monthly basis?

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Enrollment Activities

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