20 de marzo de, el año 2015

EveryoneOn Anuncia Junta Asesora Corporativa Nuevo

Washington, DC, March 20, 2015—National digital inclusion nonprofit EveryoneOn has announced it formed a Junta Asesora Corporativa comprised of members representing partner companies with leading expertise on specific programmatic areas relevant to the mission of EveryoneOn.

Corporate Advisory Board members will bring their expertise to bear in assisting EveryoneOn with expanding and improving its device and connectivity offerings, increasing uptake and improving the qualification process, and enhancing marketing and external affairs. In selecting members for its Corporate Advisory Board, EveryoneOn was careful to ensure its membership has programmatic expertise and diverse viewpoints.

“We’re excited to have our corporate partners more involved in our mission,” said EveryoneOn CEO Zach Leverenz. “These Board members all have strong, diverse backgrounds that together will be sure to help us fix the digital divide faster.”

EveryoneOn is pleased to announce that 14 members have agreed to serve on its Board and attended its first official convening on March 20, 2015 in Washington, DC. Members include:

Sarah Dillard, SPD Advisory

Byron Garrett, Microsoft

Omar Gayle, Computer Dealers Inc.

Scott, Kinney, Discovery Education

Andrew I, Samsung Corporation

Adam Lewis, Apploi

Peter McElligott, Citrix

Katherine Messier, Mobile Beacon

Rahul Pasarnikar, McKinsey & Company

Amy Quinn, Cox Communications

Ben Roberts, The Martin Agency

Eric Seguin, Solix Inc.

James Spillane, Sprint

Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop

Steve Trimitiere, FamilyWize

Jordan Usdan, Microsoft

Stephen Wakefield, Discovery Education

Allison Walsh, Mobile Beacon

Monique Woodard, Black Founders

The Corporate Advisory Board brings a wide range of skills and experiences that will be sure to help ensure that EveryoneOn continues to do the best work possible to fix the digital divide in the United States.
For more information on how EveryoneOn is making affordable, at-home Internet access a reality for unconnected households, visit everyoneon.org.