April 28, 2015

Cox Donates Computers Through Grant Program

FORT WALTON BEACH — Connie Zampetti might as well have won the lottery based on her reaction when she walked through the doors of Cox Communications Tuesday afternoon.

Zampetti and her son, Johnny Petrie, were one of 15 families in Okaloosa County given a free computer through Cox’s Connect2Compete program. “I’m very grateful,” Zampetti said, and then added with a grin, “I’m still very shocked.”

Johnny, who is a fourth grader, said he will use the computer for school, but as soon they got it home he planned to play a game on it.

Cox was able to give away 50 computers to families in Okaloosa and Escambia counties enrolled in its Connect2Compete program through a grant and partnership with the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according Cox spokesman David Deliman.

“It’s really exciting to see it come together,” Deliman said.

The Connect2Compete program was launched locally in 2013 and allows low income families an opportunity to get high-speed Internet access for $9.95 per month so the children don’t miss any online assignments or requirements in school. Families came in at steady stream to claim their refurbished desktop computers Tuesday afternoon. All of them expressed the same sense of gratitude as Zampetti.

“I’m a single parent, so it’s really important for me to save every dime,” said Kristie Berhow, who has two children in high school and one in middle school.

Deliman said it wasn’t clear if they’d be able to offer a similar opportunity again the future, but they would not pass up a chance to do it again.

People interested in the program can find out more at www.Connect2Compete.org/Cox or by calling 855-222-3252.

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Katie Tammen
NWF Daily News