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Net neutrality: Strife in the fast lane

Financial Times

The Bradley family’s beaten-up green minivan was a common sight in the parking lot of their local McDonald’s. But they were not there for Big Macs and fries. They went to use the internet. Debra Bradley, a single parent with ...

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Press Release: Cox Communications Closes Digital Divide with Connect2Compete Broadband Adoption Program

Cox Enterprises

WASHINGTON, Aug. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Cox Communications today announced a two-year extension of its participation in Connect2Compete, the broadband adoption program that offers discounted high speed internet service to low-income families with children who qualify for the National School Lunch Program. Cox pledged $15 ...

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Cox Pledges $15M by 2016 for Broadband Adoption

Multichannel News

Cox Communications President Pat Esser said Tuesday that the company was extending its participation in the Connect2Compete broadband adoption program for another two years.   The program offers discounted high-speed broadband to low-income houses with students who qualify for school lunch programs. ...

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EveryoneOn, Magnolia Place Event Will Provide Households Access to Low-Cost Internet Service

The L.A.-based Magnolia Place Network and the national nonprofit EveryoneOn, with support from the California Emerging Technology Fund, will host Get Connected!, an event designed to increase community awareness about affordable opportunities to get online. It will allow members of the ...

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EveryoneOn Partners with Sprint to Bring Internet to 50,000 Students

Tech Cocktail - DC

EveryoneOn, a nonprofit devoted to closing the digital divide, is working with Sprint to provide low-income students across the country with affordable home broadband. The D.C.-based organization is working with the telecommunication company to implement their commitment of providing high-speed wireless broadband ...

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Access to Opportunity

Edtech Digest

“We need you to make sure our children, when they leave school, are not living in a different century than more affluent kids.” —Secretary of Education Arne Duncan   Last week, President Barack Obama announced the Federal Communications Commission would reform ...

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Creating Opportunity Through Connectivity

Meeting of the Minds (Living Cities)

Once considered a luxury, access to Internet and technology has become absolutely essential to succeeding in school, searching for a job, and being productive at work.  Despite the benefits of increased connectivity and broadband-enabled technologies, many U.S. households remain unconnected. ...

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Connecting Your City: Strategies to Increase Digital Access and Literacy, Part 1

Cities across the United States are innovating. From Boston to San Francisco, they are leveraging technology to improve the delivery of social services, increase transparency, and better communicate with their constituents. Using customized web applications, residents can now apply for ...

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Bloomberg Launches EveryoneOn NY at Harlem School

The Epoch Times

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday, Aug. 28 the launch of EveryoneOn NY, a public and private partnership that will provide Internet access to low-income families. “Since its launch last year, the EveryoneOn approach has helped bridge the nation’s Internet divide ...

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