Estudiante y madre de tres

“I’m the mother of 3 kids (2 girls- 12 and 10 and a 7 year old boy), so you know the struggle is a little bit realistic. I didn’t realize how important it actually was to have a computer and what that difference would make. I understood that the campus here has computers that you can use, I can go to the library and use the computer there, and things like that. But there are times when I haven’t finished studying and I have to get home because I need to pick up my kids at a certain time- so I would have to get out of campus and I could only get so much done everyday. I’m literally never at this campus less than 8 hours a day, just because I’m trying to get all of this homework and all of these things done. And I’m learning how to really use a computer.

Es muy diferente a otro nivel donde tiene que terminar esta tarea y la tarea tiene que hacer ciertas tareas en un equipo, así que ha sido muy difícil para mí para terminar en realidad esos. Y el hecho de que yo no tenía nada en casa, tipo de lo hizo aún más difícil porque se sentaba en casa, y sí, yo podría leer todos los materiales, siempre que tuve la oportunidad y tenía un descanso en mi día cuando habíamos terminado de cenar y mis hijos estaban trabajando en sus tareas. Pero no podía llegar a esas tareas en línea. Todo se hace en el equipo. Que a su vez en todas sus tareas, y lo hace todas sus tareas en el equipo. I have only 1 class where we use a book. That’s why it’s been very challenging which is why I’ve been Googling inexpensive computers. And I’m just now realizing how important it really is, you know, a computer is not just a tool to get things done on an educational level but it goes far more than that. Now Doctors email you, “do you have an appointment for your kid.” And thats why it was so important for me to reach out [to EveryoneOn].

I even tried doing it on my phone. So you can imagine the size of my phone, and how little work can be done. I’ve literally sat there and done quizzes on the weekends when I was able to, out of my phone. It took me 3 hours one time to do a 50 question quiz, because you have to back and forth and back and forth, it was a struggle but I got it done. Obviously on a computer, you’re able to better see it and your eyes aren’t strained. I’m sure a laptop will help everyone, even the little ones that have good eyes that are straining trying to get things done on this little screen.

I use the wireless Internet on campus, but I am trying to use something when I’m at home so that I was able to actually sit and do my work without having to get to the campus. They’re not open on the weekends so I can’t come on the weekends. They’re open for only a limited amount of hours on Saturday and sometimes I would miss that gap or I would still be working on an assignment and then I wasn’t able to finish it on Monday. Or I’d try to go finish it in the library- but I would only have a limited time to use a library computer. I’d only have the 15 minutes and then there’s a waiting period because there are only so many computers and a lot of people waiting to use them. And it’s only open for an amount of time on the weekends so it kind of made it a little bit challenging.

Sólo quiero que ustedes sepan el hecho de que [me estoy poniendo un ordenador], que va a hacer un mundo de diferencia para mí y mis hijos. Porque yo voy a ser capaz de estar con ellos ".

Maria C.

Chandler, AZ