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In June 2013, President Barack Obama announced the development of ConnectED, a new White House education initiative. ConnectED’s goal is put high-speed Internet in every schoolroom in the United States and give students and teachers access to cutting-edge educational technology. To date, leading private sector tech companies have donated close to $2 billion in free hardware, software, content, and wireless connectivity.

The success of the national investment in digital classrooms is tied to our ability to connect low-income students to the Internet outside of the classroom. Connected classrooms and broadband access at home are different legs of the same stool – without solutions to both, we will deepen existing achievement gaps among low-income and minority students. You can read about the ways EveryoneOn is supporting the ConnectED initiative below.

Serving as a national nonprofit partner. As a member of a coalition of nonprofit and corporate partners committed to ConnectED’s successful implementation, EveryoneOn will share best practices and develop methods to measure the program’s progress and impact.

Sponsoring the National Advisory Council on Educational Technology (NACET). EveryoneOn will bring together public education officials to weigh in on private sector ConnectED commitments. The committee will work to ensure that teachers and students benefit from the program as much as they can.

Driving awareness and adoption of the new offers. Leveraging its national network of teachers, administrators, and other education professionals, EveryoneOn will help inform key stakeholders about the initiative. They will learn how to take advantage of the commitments and how to integrate them in their existing educational technology and curriculum plans.

Helping corporate partners implement ConnectED commitments. EveryoneOn will work with its corporate partners to guarantee educators and administrators take advantage of these new offers. A description of our partner’s commitments can be found below:

  • Sprint will provide free wireless broadband service to 50,000 low-income students nationwide.
  • Microsoft is actively promoting EveryoneOn’s affordable Internet service offers to school districts nationwide as a solution to their home connectivity problem.  Microsoft will also help deploy Windows devices below $300 to classrooms across the country. Schools can purchase Windows 8.1 Pro at a discounted rate and get “Office 365 Education” at no extra cost after they buy Office for teachers and administrators.  

To learn more about ConnectED, visit WhiteHouse.gov/ConnectED.