Enrollment Partners / DECs

Due to recent changes, EveryoneOn's Lifeline Resource Center provides information based on now-pending Lifeline modernization efforts. Check back for updates.

We salute you in your work to help close the digital divide. By bringing affordable Internet connectivity, devices, and digital literacy training to your constituents, you bring the opportunity that the Internet affords to those who may not be able to afford Internet service.

The Lifeline benefit is another tool in the digital inclusion toolbox to help your constituents get online. A $9.25 per month subsidy to offset or completely cover broadband costs, the Lifeline benefit is available to individuals in certain federal benefit programs.

We need your help:
43 million people in the United States are eligible for this benefit, but only 13 million actually take advantage of it today. Organizations like you will play a critical role in connecting eligible people to the subsidy and the enrollment process.

Enrollment Partners

We call on you to share the Lifeline subsidy with your constituents through the great work you’re already doing, either through outreach like newsletters, convenings, conferences, or at your enrollment events.

Digital Equity Champions

We call on you to incorporate Lifeline awareness into your existing workflow at all intake, eligibility, and recertification touchpoints. By asking your constituents if they have Internet connectivity at home (beyond a cell phone), you can help greatly increase your work to close the digital divide in your community. We encourage you to help your consumers learn about Lifeline and apply for the subsidy today.

Not yet an official EveryoneOn partner? Join the movement as an Enrollment Partner or Digital Equity Champion.

Additionally, when the National Verifier – a centralized tool for the Lifeline benefit process – is fully live by December 2019, third party groups will be able to aggregate constituents’ subsidy applications and shepherd them through the application and enrollment processes. Thank you for joining in our efforts and taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity to bring these benefit dollars back to your home communities

Click here for the Lifeline Fact Sheet (pdf) for Enrollment Partners and Digital Equity Champions.

For more information, click here for Community Outreach from the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).